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Real Estate

Should You Buy A Plot After Retirement?

Why do people prefer land or plot over synthetic houses? Well, there are a number of reasons for this. If you are moreover planning to buy plot without retiring then you have landed at the right place. Read on as we discuss some compelling points that make investing in plots

7 Red Flags to spot among Toxic Partners and Shady Developers

Toxic relationships can have a negative impact on your life without you plane realizing it. This can occur in both personal and professional relationships including those with shady developers and can negatively impact your life. These individuals may towards competent and mannerly but can reveal their true nature through mistakes,

7 Most Expensive Homes Owned By Bollywood Celebs

Bollywood celebs are lucky souls. They get to live their lives king size. Swanky cars, designer clothes, and plush lifestyles make them truly larger-than-life figures. Ever wondered where these modern-day czars live? How much do their homes cost? Here we are presenting for you a list of Bollywood stars who

Vastu Remedies & Corrections For Your Home

Do you finger negative vibes in your home? Are you fed up with the bad luck and misfortune wreaking havoc in your life? Well, the chances are that your home would be having some Vastu Dosh that would be responsible for the adversities plaguing you. But hey, worry no more.