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7 Ways To Invest In Real Estate Without Money

7 Ways To Invest In Real Estate Without Money

Sounds improbable, isn’t it? But hey, it’s possible. There are many ways how you can invest in real manor without money. Find out seven outstanding options how you can reap the benefits of investing in real manor without unquestionably spending a penny for the purpose. Have a read.

Exchange-Traded Funds

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Listed and traded on exchanges like stocks, ETFs include securities traded within the country and include real estate-related industries like home construction, commercial properties, hotel villenage etc. ETF purchase would indulge you to invest in properties wideness the country. Though the move comes with its own set of risks yet is a wonderful option as it offers chances of rich return. And in specimen the returns fall unelevated expectation you can sell the ETFs just like stocks.

Real Manor Investment Trust

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REITs present flipside unconfined option for all those who want to invest in real manor without spending any money. Traded on stock exchanges REIT scan hands be purchased or sold just like ETFs. One can make an initial investment of Rs. 2,00,000 in REITs and expect a return between 8 – 14%. The risk in such a move is at its lowest as REITs are far less fickle than the stock market, bilateral funds or gold.

Crowdfunding Platforms

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Online crowdfunding platforms indulge you to raise funds from friends, family members, individual donors and investors in return for an yearly fee between 0.5-3%.

In our country, there are three 3 major crowdfunding options. However, the equity-based model is the one most wontedly used for crowdfunding practice in real estate.

As you have the option to zero in on the property you intend to invest in, the risks are low while the unscientific returns are upper and can be up to the tune of 20%, particularly if the property falls in a growing residential locality in an up and coming city.

Short Term Rentals

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Well-equipped apartments, these are rented out for a shorter duration. Contrary to hotels which demand greater investment, STRs require far less investment as they only indulge flexible staying options. This offers an spanking-new option for homeowners to supplement their income from their unused rooms or homes.

Flipping Houses

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This involves a move where one buys a property, gets the renovation washed-up and sells it for a profit. To unzip greater profit people buy properties that are misogynist at lower than the market price or vest to owners who urgently need cash. Once they proceeds possession, the buyers start the venery for potential buyers. A seasoned investor flips several properties without wasting any time and is forever on the lookout for such properties.

Real Manor Syndication

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Real manor syndication involves finding buyers to raise wanted for worthier real manor deals like condominiums, hotels and commercial spaces. In lieu of funds provided, the buyers are given partial ownership. However, to get involved with real manor syndication, the syndicator must have an accredited investor status.

Alternative Investment Funds

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AIFs make investments in startups, early-stage venture funds, infrastructure funds, real estate, equity, and more. SEBI declare AIFs as privately pooled funds that can either be open-ended or close-ended, depending on the category. Though AIFs are increasingly rewarding than bilateral funds, let’s not forget that they need a considerable minimum investment of INR 1,00,00,000 which makes the perfect for high-net-worth individuals.

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